America’s 51st State

Donald and Theresa meet. All smiles before the cameras – stern business faces in camera, hidden from public gaze. Eventually, both leaders re-emerge with smiles switched back on, promising a common market bridging the Big Pond. Donald Trump proves he keeps his promises, placing Britain first in his trade queue while the lady’s delighted to add more iron to her legend, lending greater oomph to her Brexit.

Meanwhile, no one breathes a word about the Fifty-First State of the Union. No, far too early to talk of the United States eventually swallowing the United Kingdom. There is enough time for that; one small step at a time. A generation from now and surely an increasingly dependent UK will be delighted to become America’s new state.

Of course, only the most outrageous conspiracy theorist would swallow this. For the rest of us, it’s a funny fairy tale from La La Land. The 51st State indeed! What utter rubbish!

Yet, is this not approximately what happened to the UK on joining the European Common Market over a generation ago? Many political manipulators knew this was only the first step to a United States of Europe. As I write, I’m reminded of the crooked pacts that wiped old-time Israel off the face of the earth for two millennia. Such a horror is played out in my new novel, “Actual Love.”

It is the absence of honest love in human dealings that stops the world going around the right way. I pray for common sense in any future common market, and that it will be governed by true and honest hearts.

What’s your prayer?



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