Horns or a Halo

Is Donald Trump the devil’s agent or heaven’s angel? My wiser and better half poses the question and I suspect a few million others also wonder as we enter another whirlwind week of the new USA soap, “Trumpland.”  The classic tests to weigh up each other – what’s said and what’s done – might help us.

Mr. Trump’s a self-confessed womanizer, both in words and actions. A coiner of comments about foreigners, minorities and the disabled that make people laugh or cringe. He builds gold palaces while, say some, demolishing all that the White House stands for.

This classic test has one problem: It depends who’s judging. The protests originate from astounded liberals as Mr. Trump carries out his promises to undo the politics of the last generation. Of course they’re going to demonize him. Of course cartoonists will give him horns rather than a halo.

But what will save a nation (be it the USA or the UK) in these difficult times: controlling borders or welcoming all-comers? Changing national values for the sake of every minority that exists while ignoring the generation-old mores which made your nation great or creating even more minorities? Allowing the law to kill millions of pre-born humans, or commanding the law give each unborn a defense. Letting the world’s ‘Bad Hombres’ go on terrorizing the poor or enlisting new ‘Magnificent Sevens’ to ride to their rescue?

Maybe God has tired of seeing his commandments and his creation mauled and poor downtrodden. Maybe Trump is our guardian angel. That’s what happened many times to God’s old-Israel people, as I outline in my latest novel, “Actual Love.” On many occasions, the Almighty used far-from-perfect tyrants to right the wrongs that grieved him and his people.

What’s your verdict – a president from hell or elsewhere?


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