Thouht for Valentine’s Day

“What’s this week’s blog on, Kev?” a local reader asked.

“Love,” I replied.

“You’ve got to be joking. What’s left to say?”

After Valentine’s cards, poets, Hollywood Rom-Coms and centuries of lovers, I guess it’s the most exposed and examined subject ever. Yet, strangely, we keep trying to define exactly what the word means. “An overpowering, all-consuming force,” says the doting mother. “I can’t imagine life without her/him!” exclaims the besotted lover. “A bond that binds,” insists the brother, either in arms or in the family. For heaven’s sake, what more can be said?

Dare I suggest one facet is increasingly left out in our modern secular days? And for Heaven’s sake and for our own I believe we need to remember it. This missing part of modern love drove me to write my first book, “What is Love?” in 1977 and my tenth book, a novel called “Actual Love” in 2017.

This lost element is, I would suggest, why marriage is on the rocks and why adultery happens half a dozen times in many partnerships, according to recent surveys. These issues are central to my two books on love.

Modern lovers are losing sight of the One who claimed “to be love;” the One who loved the world so much that he gave his son to die in our place so that we might live; the One who introduced us to a new kind of loving, the kind that stated, “I will love these people even if it kills me.”

Maybe we make poor lovers because we have lost touch with the one who invented it, and the One who came down to show us how it should be done.


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