Abortion: Open Letter to my MP

Dear Graham

In our frequent discussions, you are at pains to point out that, though you are not a Christian and do not believe in the existence of God, you are nevertheless “a good man”.

I now read that you have voted to support Diana Johnson’s Abortion Bill, which seeks to extend the abortion limit in the United Kingdom to 28 weeks. On reading the actual bill, the implication is that she wants women to have the right to abort their babies at any time right up to the moment of birth.This has left me wondering about your definition of “a good man”.

Many of your parliamentary colleagues are now leaning in the opposite direction, desiring that the present 24-week limit be reduced. Advances in medical skills mean that a quarter of all children born at 22 weeks now survive* and babies as early as 20 weeks are today alive and well.

These colleagues of yours believe it is good to allow these very young human beings to live. Why do want to kill them? Is it good to give only priority to women while consigning their helpless off-spring to the incinerator?

We live in changing times.

Both in the US and the UK there have been radical swings away from the liberal politics of the last generation. I sense that “good men and women” are tiring of politicians and people of power who choose their own political correctness before good old-fashioned caring commonsense.

I get the feeling that more and more good men and women believe it has been wrong to kill a quarter of a billion babies since 1973. Many of good conscience are extremely nervous that they are seen to be condoning this ongoing slaughter.

Thank you, Graham, for reading this far. I look forward to your reply.

Rev. Kevin Logan

*US research published in this month’s New England Journal of Medicine.

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