To love is to live

Love Actually is the big-screen attempt to show how various colourful lives live with love. Last night, courtesy of Comic Relief, we laughed and sighed to see how the film’s original characters are surviving half a generation on.

Personally, I could watch Love Actually again (and perhaps again), yet still feel it could be better. Wherever you look (as the song goes), from Number Ten Downing Street to a working-class lass or failed rock star, love conjures up drama and chaos and, finally, happy endings.

Ultimately, we yearn for more. Why not a happy ending that’s actually real? That actually lasts? That is actually actual?

Having watched that original version in 2003, I left the cinema in thought. Certainly it was great, but what was it that was missing? I’ve been one of the blessed ones – having had two beautiful women in my life. Cancer claimed Linda, my first great love, after 35 years and I married my second great love two years later. Next month Ann and I notch up 11 years together.In addition to this there is the romance that started 46 years ago on meeting the One who is Love.

The combination of all this drove me to the typewriter to produce Actual Love, my new novel produced by Lulu (

This is a tale inspired by true and historical events showing that love actually does not start and end with our own experience of living. To achieve an actual happy ending that lasts you have to start with the Author of Love; the one who used that love to create you and me to love.

Here, a happy ending is guaranteed for all.


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