Thanks, Mr. Trump

Great wisdom has been shown by President Trump in attacking the Syrian airbase with 59 Tomahawk missiles in the early hours of this morning. A strong response was urgently required after the fifth use of illegal gas warfare by warring Syria.

The President’s speedy but proportionate response, following advanced warnings to minimize loss of life, was the least he could have done. Had he done less or nothing, the world would now be a much more dangerous place. Those responsible for the attack, plus those who support them, would have felt completely free to escalate their atrocities.

This wise, considered and presidential response shows there are hard consequences for crossing this “red line” of chemical warfare. President Obama had set up the line but then had done nothing after more gas was used. Consequently, he was seen to be weak and toothless.

This week’s gas attack has, it seems, been a grotesque way to test Trump. The President has shown his teeth and has bitten down on the transgressors. Thank you, Mr. Trump for making our world a safer place.

Liberal world leadership lacks courage in the face of bullying aggressors. Trump leadership shows a bravery that loves humanity enough to be strong and brave. Liberals talk of love of humanity but cave in when the going gets tough.


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