PC has no room for JC

IT’S BEEN a tough old time for UK Liberal leader Tim Farron. As a young Evangelical Christian, he believed God was calling him into politics and was pleasantly surprised when his wit and words conquered one of the smaller pinnacles of politics.

Before Tim could appreciate the view, a baying gay lobby decided to nail this Jesus follower and perhaps even enjoy a wee political crucifixion. These modern-day Pharisees demanded to know if Tim, like other evangelicals, viewed homosexuality as a sin.

“We are all sinners,” Tim parried politically. Press scribes smelt a scoop. Gay Pharisees sensed a killing. If Tim was true to his calling, surely he would have to agree that his Bible described homosexuality bluntly – ‘sodomy… detestable sin… unnatural… depraved lusts… sexual immorality and perversion…’

However, if Tim was true to his Liberal calling, then he would become yet another victim toe-ing the politically-correct line. Twenty-first century Tim has fought almost as long as did his First-century Master as hacks and homosexuals heckled for two years.

This week, with elections looming, Tim told the BBC, “I don’t believe gay sex is a sin,” adding that he was a political leader rather than a theologian.

Tim becomes yet another Christian victim of the PC religion (almost as dictatorial as the other initial-styled religion – IS). Others like Tim have been disciplined for wearing crosses or innocently praying with needy people. Many have been hatefully hounded. Soon, no Christian will hold public office without first denying their faith. PC, like IS, has little room for J.C. This unloving* religious product of modern liberalism is so illiberal that it will crucify any who refuse to bow before their gay god. This religion does not chop off heads, just people’s livelihoods.

I wonder: Is the biggest sin of gays and liberals – as it is with IS – the denial of human freedom. God’s primary and precious gift to each one of us is free will, not even insisting that we follow him.

Surely, those who deny freedom of religion and thought must therefore be truly godless. Now, that’s one hell of a sin before we even consider sexual preferences.



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